Conformity Assessment

The Conformity Assessment System is regulated by the Act of Parliament dated 30th August 2002 about the conformity assessment  system (uniform text Official Gazette 2016, Item 655).

KOMAG is a Notified Body (Notification No. 1456) and performs a conformity assessment of products within the scope of the following European Directives:

  • 2006/42/WE Machinery,
  • 2014/34/UE ATEX,
  • 2006/48/WE Safety of Toys.

The status of a Notified Body authorizes KOMAG to perform an assessment of products for conformity with the requirements of a.m. Directives and to confirm this assessment by:

  • testifying an acceptance of technical documentation for storage,
  • a certificate of testing the type WE/UE,
  • a conformity assessment,
  • a notification about a quality assurance of the production process,
  • a notification about a product quality assurance,
  • a technical opinion,
  • a programme of product tests,
  • an assessment report.

Manager: Andrzej Figiel, Ph.D. Eng.
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phone +48 32 2374604, +48 32 2374570
fax: +48 32 2374581