Monograph 7

Assessment of the mining machines and equipment conformity

Tytko A., Figiel A.


The monograph presents the methods of planning the mining machines safety at the designing stage, before they can be used in mining plants. It also presents the consequences of accepting European legal regulations as regards an assessment of mining machines manufacturers conformity. Also different methods for conformity management in relation to the type of hazards which the machine can cause were discussed. Machines, operation of which is most risky, were identified basing on an analysis of accidents in the Polish mining industry.
Extensive parts of the monograph are devoted to machines conformity assessment in a certification process by accredited bodies as well as within activities, specified in directives of new and global approaches, undertaken by the notified bodies.
The authors of the monograph pointed out the conditions for reaching determined targets for work safety and health protection in the mining plants associated with a machinery use, including common use of the systematic risk analyses methods, both at the designing stage and in operation as well as transferring full information to users on the machines and factors which reduce the residual risk (respectable opera- tional-and-technical documentation).