Monograph 19

Impact of previous mining areas and tectonic disturbances on a possibility for rock burst occurrence

Zdzisław Kłeczek, Andrzej Zorychta, Dariusz Chlebowski, Włodzimierz Etryk, Adam Krzyżowski 

Coincidence of geological and mining factors is first of all associated with age of mines threaten mostly by bumps, results of structural and organizational transformation of mining sector and multi-layer character of hard coal seam makes that coal mining in Upper Silesian Coal Basin (GZW) is realized every year in more and more difficult and complicated conditions. Due to high methane and fire hazard as well as stringent requirements for protection of underground and surface objects, the mining plants have to carry out exploitation in the area of in the vicinity of action of previous mining operations (edges, gobs, pillars) and in close vicinity to faults of significant thrust amplitudes as well as in the regions of strong tectonic disturbances. Intensification of hazard level caused by geodynamic phenomena is a consequence of that situation, and an example of that can be an event, which happened in the “Pokój” Colliery on 27.07.2006 in the 502 seam on level 790 m.