Monograph 24

Design of cylindrical and bevel-cylindrical gear series of types

Wiesław Czader, Józef Drewniak

The CAD method of cylindrical and bevel-cylindrical gear series of types is described in this monograph. In the second chapter the basis of the theory of gear series of types are presented. Thus the fundamental principles with the ways of rationally design, i.e. universality, classification according to type and standardization are discussed. The whole process of design calculation of bevel and cylindrical gear pairs are described in the third and fourth chapters. This process was worked out in the algorithmic method, i.e. well ordered and being suitable for CAD. It is composed of the three stages, i.e. preliminary, geometrical and verification calculations. At the first stage we have limited amount of data and therefore it is possible calculation only value of two fundamentals parameters of gears, i.e. modulus and pitch diameter of pinion. Gear dimensions calculated at the second stage for these preliminary accepted parameters must be verified at the next stage of calculation. The fatigue strength of cylindrical gears is verified according to PN-ISO 6336 Standard (method C) and bevel gears according to ISO 10300 Standard (methods B, B1 and B2) at the third stage. In the fifth chapter two special software packages for design calculation of bevel and cylindrical gear size ranges. These packages were written in object oriented computer language PYTHON on the algorithms basis presented in the third and fourth chapters. Examples of applications of the proposed method with application of two software packages are described in the sixth chapter. In the last chapter novel method object oriented shaping of the constructional form of gear size ranges is discussed. This shaping process is divided into two stages of object analysis and synthesis. At the analysis stage classes, subclasses and objects of designed gear size ranges are created, whereas the synthesis stage consists in practical application of analysis stage. In recapitulation stated that proposed CAD method permits to considerable shorten design time, i.e. cost of preparing design documentation and give facilities for design of modular products.