Monograph 31

Strength tests of design of telescopic boom of mining loader

Stanisław Wolny, Marek Kalita

Theoretical reflections and experiment on a real object conducted for loading system of mining ŁBT-1200EH/LS-A side-discharge loader were presented in the paper. Identification of loads, which impact the loading system during transportation of blasted run-of-mine for further transportation means, was carried out within the project. Moreover, dynamic analysis of the system was conducted and dynamic surplus index was determined. Obtained results of analytical calculations were used in strength analysis conducted with the use of Finite Elements Method (FEM). The results of FEM analysis were used to determine the points for deformations (stresses) measurements during experiment on a real object. Conducted experiments enabled to verify the simplifications made in static, dynamic and FEM strength analyses.
Determination of fatigue strength of currently manufactured telescopic boom as well as guidelines that specify the method of the boom modernization aiming at extension of its failure less operation, was the final result of the work.