Monograph 29

Logistics chain in repairing services of a particular type of machines

Magdalena ROZMUS

The subject of this paper are repairing services of mining machines. A logistics chain in which the services repairs are provided for users of machines was identified. Its analysis enabled to isolate a repairing services of mining machines process (RSMM process) within which repairing services of mining machines are produced.


An analysis of RSMM process was carried out. Particular attention was focused to the problem of using knowledge resources and carrying out of communication by the process participants. For both issues there were identified imperfections overcoming of which is the way to improvement of the RSMM process.

The identified imperfections of the RSMM process provided premises on the basis of which the guidelines for: improvement of access to the knowledge resources, improvement of access to the information about material resources and human resources and improvement of communication were developed. Improvement of the RSMM process on the basis of these guidelines requires 1) complementary application of systems: CMMs – to make information about material and human resources accessible, and IETM – to make knowledge resources accessible, 2) application of modern information and communication technologies to aid communication processes.

A new, improved RSMM process was described and next became a subject of verification. The verification research confirmed feasibility and validity of implementation of this process.