Monograph 30

Strength calculations of koepe pulley considering the selected dynamic loads

Krzysztof TUREWICZ

Methodology of strength calculations of Koepe pulley of hoisting machines, with the use of external dynamic loads, was presented in the monograph. Determination of dynamic loads of Koepe pulley in the whole cycle of hoisting machine operation, for the conditions of normal operation and emergency braking, by numerical simulation was the monograph objective. Loads, which were determined by numerical simulation, were then assumed as boundary conditions in FEM analysis of Koepe pulley.


Dynamic loads of Koepe pulley were determined by the author’s software based on multi-mass model of dynamics of mining shaft hoist, while the process of modelling of loads in FEM model of Koepe pulley was realized including author’s numerical procedures. General characteristics of mining shaft hoist, with special attention paid to Koepe pulley of hoisting machine, was given in the monograph. Analysis of state of the art as regards problems of modelling the dynamics of mining shaft hoist as well as strength FEM analyses of Koepe pulley of hoisting machines were made. Selected results of dynamic analyses carried out by multi-mass model, with reference to operational conditions and emergency braking, were given and their comparison with the measurements made on a real object was made. Results of FEM analyses of Koepe pulley, including the loads determined by traditional methods and with the use of dynamic modelling, were also given. Results of measurements of stresses of two Koepe pulleys of hoisting machines, which were made for the whole operational cycle, were presented. Obtained results of measurements were compared with the results of FEM analyses.

Obtained results of numerical calculations, which were made with the use of author’s software for dynamic loads of Koepe pulley, are in high conformity with the results of measurements made on a real object. Method of modelling the loads of Koepe pulley in FEM model, which was used, significantly extends routinely used strength analysis and it can be very useful in designing of hoisting machines.