Mining Machines


e-ISSN 2719-3306

Since 2016 the former version of the journal “Maszyny Górnicze” (“Mining Machines”) has been replaced by the electronic one (the paper version of the journal –
ISSN 0209-3693 was published till 2015). 

Since 2020 the journal has been published in English as the quarterly “Mining Machines”.

Every paper in the Mining Machines quarterly will be published in accordance with the open access policy under the license CC-BY-NC 4.0

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  • Arianta – independent Polish Scientific and Professional Electronic Journals database,
  • CEON and InfoNa – two extensive Polish academic databases containing scientific articles aggregating several of the largest databases from various fields of knowledge,
  • DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals - the international base which contains a list of reviewed scientific journals, to which an access is free-of-charge,
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The “Mining Machines” Quaterly presents the latest trends in the domain of engineering – and – technical sciences in the following scientific disciplines:

  • environment engineering, mining and power engineering
  • automation, electronics, electrotechnics and space technology,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • material engineering,
  • management and quality sciences.


The “Mining Machines” Quaterly presents scientific, research–and-development as well as implementation projects in the field of mining mechanization, in particular in the scope of:

  • a mechanization of exploitation and beneficiation processes in the mining industry,
  • an automation and robotization of technological processes in the mining industry,
  • a mechanization of production and haulage processes,
  • a creation of technologies and equipment for an environmental protection,
  • a transition of post-industrial areas,
  • a construction and exploitation of machines,
  • mechanics, material engineering, production engineering,
  • laboratory and operational tests in the aspect of functionality, reliability, ergonomics and work safety as well as environmental protection,
  • an implementation of research and development projects’ results,
  • a management of processes,
  • artificial inteligence.

The Quaterly “Mining Machines” promotes the articles, presenting the results of tests, theoretical analyses, design and innovation projects related to mechanical engineering, in particular to
a construction of machines, mechanical systems, processes and processing methods, new materials, new measurement methods, new applications of Information Technologies etc.

The Programme Council, appointed by the Publishers, is the Advisory Body to the Editorial  Staff.


The content of the “Mining Machines” Journal is recorded in the Archives at its own website.